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JLPT N3 五天合格心得 | How to pass JLPT N3 in 5 days (雙語網誌 / Written in both zh_tw and en)

前置條件 | Prequisites

  • 至少有修完交通大學日文五、或同等程度(約N4高一點) At least finished level-5 Japanese course in NCTU, or equivalent proficeiency in Japanese (slightly better than N4).
  • 在考前一周有五天的時間,每天能讀日文約五小時 At least 5 hrs spare time per day to for preparation, 5 days before the JLPT N3 test.

適用對象 | For whom is this method targeted?

  • 忙碌課業的(大)學生 Student busying with their schoolworks and projects.
  • 想要短時間考過N3的人 Pass N3 ASAP.


  • 這種準備方式比較臨時抱佛腳,偏向求過,想要踏踏實實考高分的人請勿使用此方法 This method is cramming for JLPT N3, only with an eye to passing it, if you want to really learn something and perfectly comprehend the intermediate-level Japanese grammar, vocabulary...etc, DO NOT USE THIS METHOD!!!

  • 我沒有背任何的字彙書,直接就上場,因此在字彙的分數大失血(包含聽力和閱讀大失血,這是相當不好的事情,務必有我的前車之鑑,想考高分不能像我一樣完全不背誦單字!),單字是包含日文以及所有語言的基礎 I took the JLPT N3 test directly WITHOUT ANY OF THE VOCABULARY BOOKS. Consequently, lots of the vocabulary-related problem failed poorly, including not only the listening part but also reading part, which is really a painful experience. PLEASE MEMORIZE, RECITE VOCABULARIES IF YOU WANT TO PASS WITH FLYING COLORS, THEY ARE THE FUNDAMENTAL OF EVERY ASPECT IN JAPANESE AND ALL THE LANGUAGES

使用書本 Books I used

準備時程(以週日日文考試為例) | Timetable of 5-day preparation (Exam on Sunday)

在此的篇數指上圖參考書的篇數 The chapter is according to books that shown above. Day 1 Tuesday 文法 第一篇 | Grammar ch1 Day 2 Wednesday 聽力 | Listening ch1 Day 3 Thursday 文法 第二篇 | Grammar ch2 Day 4 Friday 聽力 | Listening ch2 * Day 5 Saturday 模擬考+錯題複習

準備方法 | Prepare for grammar

  • 徹徹底底的做題目,重點不在寫了多少,而是每一個寫過的都要弄懂,這樣寫過的東西可以確保是扎實的理解,不論聽力或是文法皆然 Go very thoroughly of all the problem, it is not the quantity, but the quality of chapters/problems studied that matters. This ensures and guarantees that what we studied will almost being comprehended. Both of the listening and grammar should be studied very carefully.

  • 一定不要忘記敬語、謙讓語等等死記的用法,這每一次都會考 Honorific speech in Japanese, memorize as much as you can!! They show up every time in JLPT exam.

  • 不要害怕在練習本上錯一堆題目,因為練習本會把相近的文法放在一起,本來就容易混淆,要有信心 Do not lose your confidence if you see lots of errors while practicing on the books shown above, that is because the press usually groups the similar topics together, making it hard to discern one grammar from the other.

  • 考前一天做模擬考熟悉時程,但不要對分數有太大的期望,因為正式考試會偏難不少(尤其是聽力測驗) Do the simulation test one day before the test to familiarize yourself with the time course, but don't expect too much from the score, because the real exam will be more difficult(ESPECIALLY LISTENING TEST).

短時間在學校課業壓力下聽力從無底子到36分 | Prepare for the listening test (from none to 36 / 60) in the extremely busy week with schoolwork.

  • 聽力前面兩個章節一定要寫,徹底弄懂,那是一切問題的開端(如下圖) It is mandatory to write the first 2 chapters of the listening practice book on account for the fundamental of the listening test in JLPT.(Shown below)

  • 簡單來說就是將日文練習CD變成日常的背景音,當成音樂吧 In a nutshell, turn the Japanese-listening practice CD into your BGM, making this your music in the playlist.

  • 隨時隨地聽著,並且在不影響安全的情況下曲剖析每一個句子(例如不要在馬路上做這種事,但可以在洗澡或吃飯的時候聽) Listen all the time, and parsing each sentence without getting into dangerous situations such as walking on the road filled with cars and trucks. Suggested conditions will be parsing the sentences will taking the bath to save much of your time or while dining.

  • 如果你是會寫程式碼的學生,相當推薦在一邊寫程式碼時一邊聽日文,效率其實不錯,而且還能利用CD隔絕外界的噪音 If you are a student who codes, it is strongly recommend coding and listening to N3 CD at the same time. Not only is such method boosts your programming efficiency but also the sounds will denoise the outer noise.

考試當天 | On the test day

  • 早點出門,早點到考場,保持輕鬆但謹慎的心情應考,不要得失心太重 Go out early, go to the examination room early, keep a relaxed but cautious mood, do not worry too much.

  • 做就對了,相信自己 Just do it!

祝福大家日文檢定順利達陣 | Wish everyone a successful JLPT fight!